Willy Wonka vs. King Dedede POSTER

Credits Edit

Willy Wonka - Chris Carbery

King Dedede - Chris Carbery

Written By - Chris Carbery

Lyrics Edit

King Dedede:


I'll make you wish that your books weren't created by Ronald Dahl!

An golden ticket tour last time? With 5 kids?

Named Mike, Violet, Veruca, Augustus, and Charlie? NO SHIT!

Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder? I don't care!

I would rather use Escargoon to knock you high up in the air!

Never mess with kings! Or they will fuck you up!

Waddle Dees! Attack! I just had fricking enough!

Willy Wonka:

WAIT! Not so fast, penguin freak!

You're a disgrace for everyone at Cappy Town, even Kirby!

You and him fight each other to get food back in the Gourmet Race!

I mean, what else can I say?

Stop ordering monsters to kill Kirby! They never work!

You're just the heartless king of jealousy! I'm a best miracle worker!

Bitch! I hope you're the best when you're in a bathtub, too!


King Dedede:

  • transforms into his SSBB form*

Me? The king of jealousy? YOU'RE the one who's jealous!

Watch me grab another hammer and do an double clobber-i-ness!

Sorry, Wet Willy, but you lost your chance!

One more thing. You can have MY BIG GAY DANCE!

Willy Wonka:

  • transforms into his Gene Wilder form*

You can't come with me in a world of Pure Imagination!

Can't ya tell? This is your entire humilation!


If you are wise, you'll listen to me!


Dedede's a rotten boss to work for.

That we can't ever deny.

Because he yells and screams and criticizes, no matter how Escargoon tried.

He deserve a raise, but alas, you refuse.

And all you gave him are bumps and bruises!

You're a grouch, and a grump. We gotta say!

Willy Wonka & Oompa-Loompas:

We hope Escargoon or Kirby will be a better king someday!

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