Credits Edit

Giroro - Chris Carbery

Shadow the Hedgehog - Chris Carbery

Sergeant Calhoun - Chris Carbery

Written by - KennethH5 & Chris Carbery

Lyrics Edit


What the hell am i battling against a frog 

Guess what Giroro, you will be my hog 

I don't give a crap about your lame tv show 

You were made in Asian because soon you will be my hoe 

I will fucking kick you out the door when this battle is over 

You don't love kids because you don't have a 4-leaf clover 

You're always pissed at your sergeant, so... 

I'll spank your ass just like you did to Keroro!


Why the hell are you here battling against me? 

You look like a dog so you should go flee 

I hate you so much, so why don't you just quit 

and guess what you should go take a shit! 

I'll gun-shot you like your name is Maria 

This is why you shouldn't be a god dang hog 

After this battle is over, and when I'm done with you 

Shadow, prepare to get lied because you emo jew!


SHUT THE FUCK UP, so I can say whatever i want 

I don't give two naps, so you can get HAUNT 

You may have been a girl but you look like chicken skin 

After this battle is over, I can destroy your friends chin 

I'm in many games with Sonic the Hedgehog 

So you can go outside and you can see the fogs! 

You look like Paper, but different from Inanimate Insanity! 

This is why Giroro, you should NOT compared to me!


I will make you sick, till i ask you a question! 

Did you even go to school without having a lesson? 

I'm sick and tired of you trying to ruin my darn show 

and now you better run because I am awesome in our show 

I got Keroro to destroy you because you look like crap 

This is why you should take a darn nap 

This battle is over, so now you will freaking die 

I hate you so much, so this is why you did LIE!!

Sergeant Calhoun: 

I can't believe it. You two are seriously drugged-up! 

I'll shoot you both until you're dead, just like I did to the Cy-bugs! 

Shadow the Hedgehog, you better leave because of me 

You better hide because you are about to motherfucking bleed 

Giroro, you need to shut down your own TV Show 

and this is why you need to count my darn toes 

You're not fucking going to be in one of my games 

All of your raps are so freaking god damn lame 

I hate you so I will kill you with all of my people 

HEADSHOT, because you both look like n00bs 

You will get hacked before I will shoot you up 

That is not a gun shop because you all freaking suck 


This is why I will get my knife to destroy all of you dude 

This battle is over, so the Hero's Duty game won 

I am awesome, so this is why you all will be freaking done!