Credits Edit

Brentalfloss - Chris Carbery

LilDeuceDeuce - Chris Carbery

Written By - KennethH5

Lyrics Edit


It's time to kick Todd's ass till this battle is done

You may have been cool, but hey at least i won

My music may be about Video Games, but your is only ASDF

I'm going to blast your shit, and kill you like Jeff

Your music is about ASDF, Eddsworld, and other crap

Come over here and SUCK my big long nap

It's time for you to lose, but you better get screwed

Smosh is better then you but you can also lose


ALRIGHT, It's time to beat this bitch who makes dumb stuff

If you have a lame dog, call him my pet, Lump.

All you do is make stupid songs like Just One Duck

Your songs are a fail, and make a hard song, so good luck

I'm telling you, your my pal, so make me a Dubstep song

You are not going to get the ladies, but i am going to go strong

When this battle is over, i'll shut down your channel till you die

All you do is make video game song with lyrics, BUT YOU JUST LIE!


You make musics, that are a fail

After this battle is over, you will have to go to jail

My musics are better, AND THEY ARE ON iTUNES

So read this comic book, THAT YOU ARE A BUFFON


You give your mum some dumb flowers that dosen't have powers

So i guess you are going to lose and you will never go see a tower

This battle is over, and i will make you JUMP off a house

and guess what dude, YOU LOOK LIKE A DUMB OLD MOUSE!