Credits Edit

Master Shake - Chris Carbery

Frylock - Chris Carbery

Meatwad - Chris Carbery

Vector - Chris Carbery

Espio - Chris Carbery

Charmy - Chris Carbery

Written by KennethH5 & Chris Carbery

Lyrics Edit

Meatwad: We're battling against Sonic's team because were going to win They should put theirself back in the bin

Frylock: You fuckers don't know Sonic, but you should die We were the best of the best, so dont lie

Master Shake: You are not better, our show was started 14 years ago Now that we are the best, you guys are now my hoes

Frylock: You think we should defeat them

Meatwad: Yes we should dude When we tell Carl, you guys are so screwed

Vector: Are you kidding, this is who are we battling agents

Espio: A milkshake, a bag of french fries, and a meat ball as a fence

Charmy: We were on sonic's Video Games because were cool You guys are awesome, HA APRIL FOOLS!

Vector: You guys are food, so you should eat yourselves After that, we will make you all as elves

Espio: You guys should live in a barn, with all cows

Charmy: Here take this punch buggy, KAPOW

Meatwad: SHUT UP, or i will kill you with this freaking gun You better fucking hide because were having so fun

Master Shake: Our show was started since the year 2000

Frylock: And guess what, you 3 should NEVER EVER be heroes

Vector: You survived my storm, but who the heck are you

Charmy: I think were battling against our favorite awesome food

Espio: THIS BATTLE IS OVER, because you are done You guys should die

Charmy: Because we are having fun